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ProAgria is member-owned non-profit organization, we run our business in whole Finland. We are the leading agricultural and rural expert organization in country, serving members as well as other rural entrepreneurs. Number on employees in Finland is about 650. In Finland there are 16 Centers serving finnish-speaking customers and three for Swedish-speaking customers. 

ProAgria Lapland is established 1884. Annually we have about 1.100 customers all over Lapland, 75 % of them are farmers. The others are entrepreneurs or persons who are planning start their own business. Number of our employees is 26.

We offer experts of a wide range of fields and selection of individualized services. Solutions are tailored to the specific customer needs form services that customer needs to attain objectives and goals. Our objective is to help our customers develop their business’ profitability and competitiveness sustainably.

Development of leadership and competitiveness as well as quality, quality of activities and environmental aspects are taken into consideration in each service.

Service items:

  • Future planning
  • Investment
  • Production
  • Analyses
  • Management
  • IT-programs

Production and financial data collected to databases produce a reliable base for services. Data can be used to develop production and see the effects of various decisions. ProAgrias’ databases bring information on the best practices and compare data for future development.

If You are planning to start your own entrepreneur in rural areas in Lapland, don´t hesitate to contact us.


ProAgria Lappi
Pohjolankatu 2A, 96100 Rovaniemi
Phone +358 – 400 – 395 953 /Simo Alaruikka

Email: info.proagria@proagria.fi

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Johannes Vallivaara, CEO, Cluster Manager
Arctic Smart Rural Communities
tel. +358 40 684 5741
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